Disaster Relief

Hurricane Ida

On August 29, 2022, disaster struck our home. Immediately following the devastation of Hurricane Ida, members of MCL475 and PNP Norma A Liner Auxiliary Unit deployed "boots on the ground" to aide our members, their families, and our community. As soon as the winds and rain settled, our members got to work bringing in supplies, clearing debris, tarping roofs, and doing everything we could tfor our neighbors. Over the course of only several weeks, this group brought in over thousands of dollars in supplies, tarped over 100 roofs, gutted and/or pulled insulation from approximately 25 homes, cleared trees at 15 residences, collected and distributed supplies from our own stom-damaged building, constructed 2 temporary roofs, removed freezers and furnature from 15 homes, cleared outside debris at over 20 homes, cooked and served food in both Terrebonne and Lower Lafourche Parishes, volunteered unloading and organizing supplies at the Sheriff's motor pool, and so much more.

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