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First Annual MCL Golf Tournament

Houma Terrebonne MCL 475 will be hosting our first annual golf tournament on September 26, 2022 at Ellendale Country Club.

See details below.

- 4-person scramble.

- Course Golf Pro will have final decision on all golf rules. MCL475 Golf Committee will have final decision on all other matters pertaining to the tournament.

- Beer, soft drinks, water, and food will be provided on the course while supplies last.

- Holes #4 & #16 are our closest to the hole opportunities – Prizes for each hole will be given.

- Holes #3 & #12 are our longest drive opportunities – Prizes for each hole will be given.

- Half-n-Half tickets will be sold throughout the day. Money will be awarded at end of tournament.

- Players in the golf tournament are responsible to MCL475 for all damages caused by players to golf course, buildings, and golf carts. MCL475 and players will inspect assigned golf cart prior to starting the round and properly notate any damage to assigned cart prior to players teeing off. One of the players on the team must sign below acknowledging having read this information sheet and agreeing to abide by everything on the sheet.

- All golf carts drivers must have a valid driver’s license. No personal golf carts allowed.

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